Captivate your audience: A Call-to-Action instead of closing formula

Mai 31, 2016

“Call-to-Action” – essential Elements With each presentation, you are pursuing a goal: either you want to provide your audience with information or convince them about something. For sure, there is a purpose behind your statements. If you simply say “thanks you for your attention” at the end your presentation and then pack up your documents, […]

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prepare yourself for awkward questions

9 tips to show sovereignty with unpleasant questions

April 26, 2016

A matter of preparation! You can design your PowerPoint presentation absolutely professional and you can pull out all the stops in your presentation techniques. But if you are caught on the wrong foot by a single intermediate question from the audience, the beautiful impression dispels. Uncertainty ruins your standing with the public. But you can […]

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Garr Reynolds advises: forget the structure – be authentic!

Sticky | Februar 16, 2016

Storytelling is currently on everyone’s lips – it´s a very old technique. Because people have always told stories. Why is currently this method so popular – particularly in marketing? Presentation expert Garr Reynolds tells you about this. He explains in an interview with Matthias Garten, why the thoughts about the proper structure should be ignored […]

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