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In our seminars, during lectures, while being coached or through reading books by Matthias Garden, you will learn from experts on the subject of presenting more effectively: dramaturgy, content, technology, production and appearance. This is substantiated by theory and explained practically. Take advantage of our expertise and improve your impact!




Keynote speaker Matthias Garten - the Chief Presentation Officer

Matthias Garten, Master of Computer Science & Business Administration (Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf.), is the leading expert for innovative presentations and a true PowerPoint pioneer. In 1993, the graduate business data processor founded the company smavicon Best Business Presentations, the first presentation Agency for multimedia presentations in Germany. As a coach Matthias Garden focuses on: 1. Innovative presentations, 2. Visual effectivenes, 3. Sales-boosting dramaturgy. He provides training and consultation and he developed the so-called Presentation booster method for the best-selling and most effective presentations. He imparts knowledge entertainingly and accurately in a charming way. The pulses in his lectures and presentation seminars are inspiring and stimulating for many people. The new viewpoints help to change presentations positively and achieve a new way of thinking.


"Presenting is like driving a bus"

As a speaker, you have much in common with the driver of a bus as you want to move people, convey messages and transmit information. Learn in the presentation the amazing parallels with the bus driver. You will be inaugurated by one of the top-experts to the secrets of professional presentation in an entertaining, inspiring and informative way.

"This is how you will get them all - instantly. The quick-build kit for your presentations”

With the Presentation Booster method, presentations are structured simpler, faster and cleverer. Learn what is important in preparing and creating presentations. Achieve an increase in activity by up to 100% with less preparation time. An interesting presentation is that which presented in an entertaining and structured way, the way professional presentations proceeds and what it is that you will have to do.

"Presentation booster - The Power of Neuro presentations"

For a successful and high-impact presentation, you will have to deal with the requirements, expectations, wishes and preferences of the listeners and viewers - the core Presentation booster method. Through this, you can easily, quickly and cleverly build your future presentations. Achieve an increase in activity of up to 100% with less preparation time! Look forward to a fun-filled and entertaining talk, where you will be inspired and shown how professionals design presentations that last, and in a structured way.

Other topics

Save time, increase productivity

"Presentation booster - The Power of Neuro presentations"

"The approach and design of presentations"

"Increase efficiency and effectiveness in presentations"

Image gain, increase in action

"Innovative presentation skills"

"Effective Presentations with the iPad"

"Everyone uses PowerPoint, but none presents"

"Visual Storytelling"

"The 7 Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations"

Competitive advantage, sales increase

"Competitive edge with effective presentation skills"

"The best sales presentation"

"How do you convince your audience better?"

"Best Business Presentations –Professional present"

Lateral thinking, knowledge increase

"Lasting multi-media presentation"

"What have quantum physics and presenting in common?"

"The quantum code of communication"

If you are interested in these lectures please contact us via the contact page.






Do you want to expand your skills and abilities in terms of PowerPoint? You want professional advice and innovative suggestions when it comes to presentations? Then our presentation trainings and seminars are just right for you.

If you are interested in an in-house seminar, please contact Franziska Böhm and she will be delighted to provide you with further information.

Your Contact Person

Ayleen Böhm

Marketing & Event Manager

Telephone: +49 6155 84 44 0
Fax: +49 6155 84 44 11
E-Mail: contact@smavicon.com



If you want to have presentation trainings and seminars in-house, Matthias Garden, leading expert for multimedia presentations, will be happy to visit you.

What we offer?

  • innovative and tailored-to-your-needs-seminar or workshop content
  • Matthias Garden as one of the top 100 trainers and leading expert for multimedia presentations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Expert
  • Reliable implementation on the agreed date
  • Appointment according to your wishes
  • Comprehensive course materials, additional literature
  • German and English Language
  • Many years of experience in professional Training

Or you might be interested in a topic of our open seminars?


  • Master and PowerPoint Training
  • Visualization with PowerPoint
  • Increased efficiency in the PowerPoint slide creation
  • PowerPoint - The professional techniques for convincing PPT presentations

Other Topics

  • Improvement of Service Seminar and seminar materials
  • Presentation and Design Trends 2015-2020

What does this cost?

The in-house seminars and workshops, we charge a daily rate. The daily rate depends on the topic, the number of participants and the duration of the seminar / workshop. We give you a binding final price with no hidden extra costs.




  You can get to know us at high quality and innovative events. Are you outdated and you want to improve your performance and public presentation? Or are you interested in the topic of presentation and want to experience top experts and speakers? See how your personal performance catapults by 100%. Attend the presentation rocket day on 10.11.2017.



You want some advice in private? Then individual presentation training with presentation expert Matthias Garden is what you are looking for.

What we offer?

  • Individual advice and coaching by the experts for multimedia presentations
  • A comprehensive review of your presentation (dramaturgy, design, psychology, design, visualization, personal performance, staging)
  • An analysis of your action after the SCIL – Model
  • Improvement of your effect

What does this cost?

The single hour of such coaching is EUR 300. A discount is available for multiple hours. When presentation expert Matthias Garden travels to your place, travel costs, expenses and any accommodation expenses will be added to the hourly rate.





“Thank you so much for our great in-house seminar. I was absolutely delighted with it. You imparted a great deal of knowledge in a pleasant manner which is helping me a lot in my day-to-day work. You held the seminar in such an open, friendly and productive manner, that I felt nothing like in a typical training course while taking home a wealth of insights. You could say, I have now tasted blood, and seen what is possible with PowerPoint. So now I am thirsty for more. It would be awesome if you could pop by every other month or so, and provide us with regular training in this pleasant format.;)” (Executive Assistant, TE Connectivity)

“...many thanks for the brilliant seminar. It was very helpful. I have been able to implement many things, and this is already making the use of PowerPoint much easier.” (Assistant, TE Connectivity)

“While the course took an entire working day, I never felt bored. The event was very dynamic, and I have gained many useful inspirations.” (Employee, Bank)

“Attending his Presentation Booster Seminar proved a resounding success in many ways. The seminar contents were well-structured. Alternating exercises and video training sessions consolidated the theoretical presentation lessons. [...] Applying the presentation know-how in practice is enjoyable, and achieves better results within a short space of time in a wonderful way. Messages appear clearer and more purposeful than before. I am looking forward to our continued cooperation and exchange. I highly recommend Matthias Garten, the expert for targeted presentations.” (Sascha Seide, Presentation Booster Seminar participant)

“What you can achieve with PowerPoint and presentation techniques is simply genius. I have learned a lot about the different modes of action, and now apply this knowledge in a targeted manner with great success for my marketing clients at workshop, presentations and events.” (Christian Görtz, Marketing Consultant)

“Great learning atmosphere, compact knowledge – just fantastic. The seminar has aroused my interest in PowerPoint.”

“Finally, I can design a presentation so that it really looks professional. Many thanks for that!”