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When your focus is on innovative, effective and persuasive presentations, we are the right partner. Our goal is to support you to make presentations in the most impressive way, getting your audience enthusiastic and ensuring that the visual messages will stick in the mind forever! This ranges from conception, dramaturgy, content, argumentation, idea development for the design, templates in PowerPoint, Keynote, interactive Presentations, Prezis, Prezi Points ... up to staging and performance coaching.

Presentations made in Smavicon distinguish themselves in that they boost your image effect, increase the number of orders (ROI-based presentations), increase sales (sales presentations), provide training content in a better way and will get you better to the point.



Be inspired!

Your Contact Person

Meike Behrendt

Chief Inspiration Office (CIO)

Telephone: +49 6155 84 44 0
Fax: +49 6155 84 44 11
E-Mail: contact@smavicon.com


High-End Presentation Design.

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With smavicon-presentations, you will inspire and convince your audience in a rational and emotional way. You will also boost the impact of your image and effectively get to the point. Training content is didactically prepared, presented and will remain stuck in the mind of the audience.





Our know-how and your concepts create impressive and unique PowerPoint presentations. The spectrum ranges from simple slides all the way to sophisticated slides. We can also create a complete slide library.


We revise your already created PowerPoint presentation so that you can achieve an optimum result. Based on our creative ideas and knowledge, we effectively refine your slides such as texts, numbers, images, graphics, tables, charts etc.


Our active presentation provides you with a new way of presenting. By having an active presentation, you will captivate your audience with a presentation with slides, moves, information that resizes etc. Here, you can see how you can present by means of an active presentation.

Keynote Presentation

Of course, we can convert your presentation into Keynote for MAC. Unlike PowerPoint, this program offers some exciting design and animation effects.



Hollywood for presentations.


Presentation Booster

With the Presentation booster, you will increase the impact of your presentations from 30% to up to 100%. Smavicon developed the method based on neuroscience. Convince your audience by using sophisticated, dramatized audience specific slides with clear arguments and action.

Augmented Reality Presentations

With this new format, your viewers can interactively participate in your presentation. This is exciting and very interesting for your audience. You, therefore, present in an innovative and exceptional way.

Smart Sales Tornado

Using the Smart Sales Tornado, which is an interactive sales presenter, you can keep your product and company presentations up-to-date and maintain your image accordingly. Here you will find more information about the Smart Sales Tornado.

E-Learning enhancer

Good e-learning presentations are characterized by an interesting dramaturgy, diversified interaction, media-didactic process and good motivation of participant’s involvement. Thanks to our service, animated PowerPoint slides can be incorporated into your E-learning easily.

other exciting formats

  • 3D STEREO: PowerPoint presentations will be displayed in 3D. The viewer will look through 3D glasses and will see your content floating in space.
  • POWERPOINT MOVIES: These are fully animated PowerPoint slides, which you can hardly distinguish from a video. With PowerPoint Movies, you can quickly and easily create spectacular YouTube videos with professional sound and voice-over.
  • 3D ANIMATION: Get inspired by 3D animated slides. This allows you to view products from all sides, either rotating or flown in.
  • VIDEO: Allow us to research comics or commercials. Alternatively, we can also take over the complete production of individual corporate films or tangy Trailer.
  • MULTILINGUAL: Play several PowerPoint presentations synchronously. For example, the presentation on the laptop will be in German while the English or Chinese versions are displayed on the Screen.
  • TRANSLATION: We hand-over multilingual presentations to our translation partner, who works reliably and promptly with country-based or industry-related translators.
  • SPEECH SCRIPT: On request, we can also create a speech script. For this, we work together with external partners.




What is Presentation Booster? ‘The bait has to appeal to the fish and not to the angler’ is a quote that is often used in relation to presentations. This means that the presentation must be tailored to the targeted audience in order to achieve maximum impact. With the new and unique Presentation Booster method (a presentation enhancing method), you now have, for the first time, the opportunity to achieve your presentation goals even better.

With the new Presentation booster method, you achieve your presentation goals faster, more imaginatively, easily and more reliably. It will hit the audience on the hot-button.

Increasing sales, through marketing, can be achieved by presenting more clearly and convincingly than your competition. This can be done by an exciting presentation of new projects, products, services or a convincing and effective presentation about business development.

You as a presenter have the chance to achieve your presentation goals

  • faster
  • imaginatively
  • simpler and
  • safer.

You will get the message across to the targeted audience, convince them and fascinate them to achieve the most important thing: namely, to cause your targeted audience to decide and to take the required actions.

The interesting thing about the Presentation Booster: The method is based on the latest findings in neuroscience and combines these findings with known models such as NLP, MBTI, Limbic Color, etc.

 motivchart eng


Consider what it would mean to you if you had to spend only 50% of the preparation time on your presentations. When you have a guide to structure and design of your presentation, it will improve your personal presentation skills, i.e improving your language, body language, voice, etc. You would convince your target audience faster and more compelling. How would your sales, your projects or your career evolve? Some participants report of sensational results through the new way of presentation.

Take advantage of this innovative opportunity and professionalize yourself through your presentations. The future has begun!



How can we help you?


We are happy to advise you on all issues in the field of presentations. Together we will work on your presentation issues such as;

  • What are the latest trends?
  • What are good enhancers?
  • What possibilities are there with regards to strict corporate design specifications?
  • How can the effectiveness of presentations be measured?
  • How do you ensure that your presentations are better than those of the competition?
  • How do you secure more orders through presentations?
  • How do you achieve an improved impact on the behavior of your audience through presentations?
  • What should the optimal dramaturgy look like?
  • What should a presentation look like?
  • and much more.



What we do - Six steps to a professional presentation


Once you have contacted us (kontakt@smavicon.de), it is useful to clarify some questions in advance by phone or in conversation. This will allow us to draft a specific offer for you. The offer or quote is based on the requested output and will be promptly created for you.


The 9W's for the presentation are prepared and created by means of a checklist and, when necessary, a strengths / weaknesses profile of your existing presentations is drafted. Here it will be discussed to what extent the Presentation Booster method should be used.


Together, we develop the content, message structure and dramaturgy (voltage curve). Here, we add value by using our knowledge about sales, perceptual psychology, marketing, design and communication. Upon your request, we optimize your content and texts from the perspective of a third party. You will receive a version that looks more readable, more understandable and will increase more sales.


You will get some design proposals that are discussed with you. Your feedback will be converted into the pre-established program, e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, Zooming Presentations, etc.


Once your presentation is created and optimized, you have the option to perfectly prepare the presentation under the guidance of a presentation coach.

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us on +49 6155 84440 or through the contact form.